Shopping Online for Indian Customers 

Technology has taken the world by storm and everything is available at the tips of our fingers today …

It makes sense that many of us with busy lives and schedules end up shopping online for everything from groceries to clothes, shoes and accessories to gadgets

The Pros of shopping online

1. Bigger discounts and better Prices – I think this is one of the biggest advantages of shopping online as it is easier to bargain Hunt and find great deals.

2. Less time consuming – You don’t need to go to a store with an agenda , try out different things and then end up with one piece after hours of trying out clothes ..Pick what you like, and try it out at home without waiting in long lines for fitting rooms.

3. Easy return and exchange policies – Most websites have simple return policies so if something doesn’t feel quite right, you can return it back ,they will pick it up and refund you the money…It’s usually fairly simple.

4.More choice – shopping online gives you many more brands to try out as everything is online and you don’t need to go from store to store …

5.Multiple Payment options – choose from net banking, Credit card payments or even cash on delivery ..Some websites even offer you a try before you buy option …
Well there’s always pros and cons to shopping online..Let’s look at some cons of shopping online for Indian customers .

1.Fake goods – The biggest fear is fake goods for all of us, we see a steal online and it turns out to be a steal , only we have been stolen from …coz we have been delivered a copy…stay clear of websites with poor reviews to avoid this …When it comes to good shoes or watches or perfumes , I prefer the real thing even if it isn’t discounted … at least you know you have paid the right price for an original.

2. Warranty – A lot of times , shop keepers tell us products are cheaper online coz they don’t come with warranty, when buying gadgets online, always check and make sure you go with a trusted seller.

3. Quality – Sometimes the picture doesn’t match what you got, this is usually trial and error ..Go with brands you like and have bought in the past .

4. Size – make sure you check all the size charts, sometimes it’s sensible to go to a store and check what size you need before you buy it online and avoid .

Well now that we have discussed the pros and cons , if your a shopping addict and that’s what gives you your adrenaline fix, you may prefer buying your goods in person but in case you don’t have time and you still want to always have the best on the go and get the best deals , shop online ..

My recommendations for some apps and websites you can check out..I have found fairly good priced , original stuff most of the times.

Clothes : Lifestyle, Jabong , Myntra

Accessories ( jewellery, bags, watches): Lifestyle , Jabong , Myntra and Amazon

Gadgets : Flipkart, Amazon

Make up : Nykaa, Flipkart , Amazon

Shoes : Jabong

Home decor and lifestyle products : Amazon, Flipkart , pepperfry and Urban ladder.

Grocery Shopping : Big basket and Naturesbasket

Website links

  1. amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. jabong
  4. myntra
  5. Urban ladder
  6. lifestyle
  7. pepperfry
  8. Nykaa
  9. Bigbasket
  10. Natures Basket

Do let me know what you think about shopping online and what your favorite apps are. I would love to hear from you on what works for you , after all us shoppers need to stay strong together.

Whatever you prefer, keep shopping , stay happy 😀


2 thoughts on “Shopping Online for Indian Customers 

  1. Well written article on how everyone’s shopping today. Love the things that someone should look out for including the links and recommend shopping sites

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