Learning to close some doors

Well, I have taken a long time to learn this and I did it the hard way.

I have made many many friends in all my years on earth, some still going strong , some have moved on , some are now acquaintances and I have a few who I should have got rid of coz they were so toxic but I held on thinking I had some special friendships with these people or I never got closure and hence found it difficult to say good bye.

I actually want to talk about the ones we haven’t let go off though they do us no good…Most times these people are self serving , narcissistic people who don’t deserve a place in your life.

Since I’ve had the misfortune to meet quite a few in my life ( I think I am a magnet to users and abusers ) , I’ll share some gyaan on this.

The usual way we meet these people is the same..They seem quite nice to talk to , you click and start hanging out …Instant friendship…As an emotional person, I tend to form attachments quite quickly..And I love my friends and would do anything for them …I do realise now that this is my own fault as they don’t return my actions , I start getting upset due to wrong expectations…Let’s see …I am wrong to take care of a friend when she’s alone but she doesn’t even bother to text when am in the same position as her and check if am doing ok…

Or maybe I would go out of my way to help someone with something they need but they wouldn’t ever show me the courtesy of being honest ..

It just bugs me that there are so many people out there waiting to use others for their own benefit and move on.

Well, anyways this isn’t a crib post…All I wanted to say was that there are all kinds of people in the world and yes there are quite a few of them who are bad and yet we hold on thinking we were special to them and they will return , apologise and all will be well in our world’s..I read somewhere that learn to accept the apology that never came ..Coz these ppl will never do the right thing..

So the right thing for you to do is ignore the nagging thoughts , give yourself closure and move on ….

Stop hurting yourself with the past where people who didn’t deserve you took so much of your time and effort and love and are still taking up your time in your thoughts and hurt and pain…

I’ve seen that it takes a long time to get over the people in your life, they are always on the back of your mind ..Nagging , troubling thoughts that hurt and tear you up but about 18 months later ( ya I know it’s a long time , hang in there) you will forget and you will regrow …

Don’t waste time on those who don’t deserve it honestly , I won’t tell you what you could do more effectively coz you probably already know…But hang in there , sunny days are on their way…

Stay positive coz there are tons of good people out there waiting to meet us !!!


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