To Work, or not to Work ??????????? Random Ramblings of an Idle Mind

  • I work because I want to prove to some people that I am better than them.
  • I want to work because it gives me a decent amount of money which I can use as I please.
  • I want to work because it keeps me occupied and gives me an opportunity to meet new people and make friends or have a value add.
  • I want to work because I am scared of what I will do when I dont have any work to do.
  • I want to work as it provides me with a sense of identity, gives me a social life.
  • I want to work to fulfill my personal dreams to travel, to save for a better future and to buy things that I like or go to places I wish to visit.


  • I don’t want to work because I don’t get weekends off and don’t have fixed work offs
  • I dont want to work the night shifts as I am missing my daughters growing up
  • I dont want to work as there are other things I want to do which I am not doing currently
  • I dont want to work so that I can enjoy my life better
If I quit I will
  • Go to the gym for 2 hours daily
  • I will spend time with my daughter
  • I will read and watch TV
  • I will have weekends to do as I please and spend time with DH
  • I might write more ( But I hear that it is very stressful)
  • I might get bored with limited interactions with people
  • I might have to spend a lot of time at home with not much to do
  • I might lose out on friends who will get busy with their lives and get disappointed and disheartened
  • I might not have enough money to do what I wish to do
Net Result of self Analysis 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Still confused, waiting for weekend to relax and chill and then return back to mundane day which keeps me busy……..Maybe I can figure out how to achieve the best of both worlds , What Say ????????More on that later…For now, we feel that its better to be confused about life’s choices than to have none at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let me know your thoughts on that !!

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